The Importance of Good Clean Water

One thing you should do to get yourself back to good health and improve the strength of your immune system while your following the treatment plan is to drink plenty of good clean water.

Water helps flush toxins out of the cells while carrying nutrients to the cells. The ideal is the equivalent in ounces to half your body weight. That might be hard to do but do the best you can because every little bit helps.

Everyone has his or her own ideas as to what is good clean water. I can tell you this; it’s not coming out of your tap that’s for sure.

Tap Water

Not only do they add chlorine, a chemical that has been proven to cause cancer, to the tap water. But in many places they also add fluoride because it’s supposed to be good for your teeth. Not true! Studies have shown it makes absolutely no difference and the ADA recently retracted their stand on fluoridation of the water in favor of applying it topically to the teeth.

The Union of Concerned Scientist petitioned Congress to have it stopped in the entire nation because it causes bone cancer. Of course nothings happened yet but hopefully it will sometime soon. Even the workers of the EPA are against water fluoridation.

There are studies that conclude fluoride causes:

Reduced thyroid activity

Lowers IQ in children

It is a poison and damages DNA

Bone cancer, it permanently displaces the calcium in teeth and bone

Its been shown to be a potential immunotoxin, embryotoxin, neurotoxin

Impairment of learning and memory among fluoride-treated among children

Dental fluorosis that can cost thousands to repair the damaged teeth

I have personally talked to workers at the water treatment plant here in Las Vegas and they are required to wear full-bodied HAZMAT suits when working around this chemical. It’s extremely toxic.

Most filters do not remove fluoride from the water supply except for distilled and reverse osmosis systems. We us a reverse osmosis system in my house and I have it connected to the refrigerator as well.

I do not recommend that you drink distilled water only because it leaches the minerals from the body. It is great if you are going through die-off symptoms to reduce the toxic load and I do suggest you drink half your water as distilled if you are going through this. Otherwise, don’t drink it exclusively. If you do and you begin to have stomach pains you are drinking too much.

You can learn more about fluoride at the Fluoride Action network

if you care too.

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