Colon Cleansing Diet

This colon cleansing diet and all its principles will allow you to live a long and very healthy life free of disease and illness. It will also allow you to maintain an ideal body weight if you choose to follow it. You should follow this diet while doing a colon cleanse or while trying to over come many of the health problems associated with an unclean colon.

The first section of this colon cleansing diet is about dairy nutrition and its effects on your health. This is going to suprise many people, people that have been completely brain washed that "milk has something for everybody" or you have to consume dairy for the calcium it provides. After all we all want to have strong bones and teeth right? Read it, your going to be shocked at what you find.

Everybody believes grains are good for you right? The FDA food pyramid recommends them as the basis of good health. But nothing could be further from the truth, grains are not that good for you. Read the Truth About Grains now.

I do not suggest or practice a vegetarian diet, that is not the way the human body developed over millions of years. Besides, it is a proven fact meat in moderation is necessary to remain in the best of health. But all meat is not created equal, find out what has gone wrong by reading this Benefits of Eating Meat report.

It is very important to drink good clean water on any colon cleansing diet. Water is literally the breath of life to our cells. It carries nutrients to them and carries waste away. It also helps us to cleanse our colons on our own and have a healthy bowel movement everyday. Don't ignore it.

No cleansing diet would be complete without a discussion on artificial sweeteners and other poisons you may be consuming on a daily basis. Most of these sweeteners are not that good for you and are actually poisons or are precursors to poisons. Even the supposedly safe fructose corn syrup has been declared by the FDA to be almost universally contaminated with mercury. Mercury is a known neurotoxin and poisonous to all animal life. But some of these sweeteners are ok and actually control parasites such as candida yeasts.

The directions are found here to put the colon cleanse diet to use while doing any colon cleanse. This diet will allow you to lose weight if you want too. Heal skin conditions and many diseases caused by a plugged and unclean colon.  Restore energy levels and improve your attitude and outlook on life.

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