The Colon Cleanse Diet

Putting the principles of the colon cleanse diet together to attain great health.

Hopefully you have reviewed the pages that came before this one so you understand what you should eat while doing a colon cleanse. If you haven't then go to the colon cleansing diet page and review each one of those pages. Then come back here and read the rest of this page.

To receive the maximum benefit from any colon cleanse product, and because all of the body is connected to the colon, including the entire detox system. You should follow this diet to achieve the greatest results for your health. Its not hard but it might be tough for some people that have become addicted to sugar or use foods as an emotional crutch. But after a few days to a week these cravings and emotional problems subside as your system detoxes itself, becomes clean, and starts to function as intended.

For millions of years man ate a diet consisting of wild meats, fresh plants, nuts and seeds, some grains and fruits in the fall. For the most part, we were not vegetarians and we were not strictly meat eaters. There were extreme cases to this rule like the Eskimos for instance who basically lived on an all meat diet. But that diet had one major difference from todays diet, the Eskimos ate a huge amount of fat. We have been taught that fat is bad for you and some of it is. But, it is also vital for the life and the formation of cells.

Cells are 40% fat and the brain is almost all fat, but it is good fat. Not trans fats from vegetable oils or saturated fats from commercially raised meats that were injected with growth hormones, antibiotics, vaccines and other less than desirable things. But good fats from vegetables, coconut oil, wild and grass fed meats, and wild Alaskan salmon and other fish. These are known as essential fatty acids or Omega 3 fats, not Omega 6 fats.

We didn't begin to grow grains until about 10,000 years ago so we hardly ever ate them Today we eat them in huge amounts much to the detriment of our and our colons health. Wheat for instance is nothing more than flour and when you add water to wheat flour you get paper mache. This plugs you up and lines the colon with hard encrusted waste over time. The colon cleanse diet along with a colon cleanse can break this mess loose and make you feel so much better. This is because your body has the ability to properly detox itself again.

We don't eat enough vegetables anymore so we miss out on all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber these foods provide. Vegetables are truly healing foods and belong in any colon cleanse diet. Six servings a day is ideal for good health, whether on this diet or not.

The Colon Cleanse Diet Guidelines

All you do is follow the guidelines I have layed out on what to eat on the colon cleanse diet. But you must control the servings of each food throughout the day. A serving is generally considered to be one cup or what you could fit in the palm of your hand.

With that in mind I suggest 1 serving of meat that has the correct fatty acid profile. Those meats are:



Free Range Organic Chicken

Mercury Free Salmon

Grass Fed Beef

The chicken can be either dark or white and I would go with what your taste buds prefer. I can't stand white meat but will eat it if I have too. Now in a case like this, what is happening is, my body is telling me that it needs the extra fat that dark meat provides.  If you are like that too then eat the dark meat. The body must have the right amount of good fats to build healthy cells, which are 50% fat.

Now if that daily serving of meat happens to be a 10 ounce steak, then eat half at lunch and half at dinner.

You can eat one serving a day of good grains on the colon cleanse diet. Please refer to the page where I talk about grains to find out what good grains are. You can split up the daily serving into two different meals if you choose.

Eat 6 servings a day of fresh vegetables on the colon cleanse diet. Fresh vegetables are best but frozen is acceptable too, I would avoid canned. Canned vegetables have lost to many vitamins during the canning process. Lightly steamed or raw is best and you can steam frozen vegetables too.

Eat two servings of fresh fruit a day. That is pretty straight forward, an apple, banana, peach, plum or whatever is one serving. Always eat one serving with breakfast.

It is best to drink vegetable juice and good clean water during the day. Avoid sodas, milk, and unfiltered water that could contain chlorine and fluoride. Three ounces of carrot juice with an ounce of beet juice is a very good liver cleanser first thing in the morning. You can juice the fresh vegetables yourself or get them at Whole Foods Market already made up. You might like a dash of garlic in it too, up to you.

Thats about it for the colon cleanse diet while your taking a colon cleanse product.

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