The Colon Cleansing Guide 

What you really need to know about colon cleansing.

I always enjoyed the story of Thomas Parr, the guy was born in 1483 and died in 1635, thats 152 years old. Now you would think that any person that old didn't live a very robust life at that age, but that was not the case.

Thomas married his first wife at 80 years old. He married again when he was 122 and had his first child at the age of 130. That kind of proves he was leading a very robust life at that age doesn't it?

Upon his death King Charles had Dr William Harvey perform an autopsy to find out why Thomas had lived so long. This report is still available for anyone to read if they choose too. But what the good Dr found was that Thomas's organs were in the same shape as a childs. It was if his organs had never aged.

How did he do that? By keeping his colon clean with colon cleansing.

What people don't realize that as a fetus all your organs spring from the intestine. They are all part of the digestive system and are actually encased in the same material that makes up the intestinal wall. Because of this everything that happens to your colon and everything that goes through this most vital organ has an effect on your entire body.

An unclean and toxic colon can effect your heart, your lungs, your liver and lymphatic system, your skin, the levels of vitamins and minerals in your body and even your mood. People with toxic colons don't feel good and when you don't feel good your attitude about yourself, other people, and your life can suffer.

Colon cleansing can clear up all these problems if done correctly. I don't know how many cases of eczema and psoriasis I have seen disappear when people take of and do a colon cleanse. It is extremely important to keep this organ clean.

Unclean colons that never go through colon cleansing once a year become breeding grounds for yeasts and parasites that can cause a multitude of health problems. Many experts agree colon cleansing is vital for good health.

Colon cleansing can also help you lose weight. It is also possible to lose as much as ten pounds or so after cleanse depedning upon the amount of time you do the colon cleanse.

Because a colon cleanse rids the body of toxins and accumulated wastes, it greatly improves digestion and the absorption of vitamins and minerals that are found in your foods. For people that are trying to lose weight, after a good colon cleanse it can get much easier to shed those pounds because the digestive system is now functioning normally.

You should follow the healing diet on this website when doing any colon cleanse for the best results. Certain supplements that promote the liver and its ability to detox itself will help as well, especially if you are trying to overcome a serious health challenge.

After the colon cleansing you should find you have a flatter stomach and have dropped 5 to 10 pounds or even more. Your energy levels should greatly improve and the typical afternoon let down should disappear.

When you do a colon cleanse once a year as my family does you should enjoy a lifetime of great health, providing of course you eat right and get some exercise. Who knows, maybe you can live to be 152 too.  

But who or what makes a good colon cleansing system that is easy to use and actually works? I get into that too in the colon cleanse review section of this website.

It is my sincere hope that you learn something from this colon cleansing website and are able to take your health back, stay healthy or lose weight, if that was your goal, by following my advice.





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